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The development of stem cells relevant efficient extended and normalized toxicology assays will have a significant impact on:


  • Research on stem cells

SCR&Tox research will lead to tangible advances in the scientific approaches to i) pluripotent stem cells provision and differentiation into derivatives along different lineages of interest, ii) gene and protein engineering as a way to provide cells with additional properties in view of an industrial use and iii) gene and protein profiling as well as exploration of dynamic functions at those two same levels as well as using bioelectronics in excitable cells.

  • Industrial innovation and competitiveness

By bringing proof of concept of predictive toxicology testing at industrial scale on the basis of cell-based assays using human pluripotent stem cell derivatives.

  • Healthcare policies and regulation

By entering into the validation process in vitro testing to replace or reduce animal experimentations in predictive toxicology for pharmaceutical compounds and cosmetic ingredients.

  • Next generation of toxicologists

Specific training experiences for the next generation of toxicologists involved in regulatory toxicology through the Implementation of the training and dissemination program of SCR&Tox, which specifically aims at technology transfer to stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, in particular through hand-on training at partners’ sites and assistance for setting-up laboratories in stakeholders’ plants and for regulatory agencies to adapt to the new paradigm.